5 Freaky Ways your Mais Oui Jamaica vacation could get you fired!

OMG …. I’m dead! I’m so dead. This is not happening ….


1.  Your coworker can’t believe you are actually renting such a magnificent house in Jamaica on your salary and keeps asking you about the villa every 5 minutes. Now the office gossip thinks you two are dating.

Some Jamaica villas offer space galore

Some Jamaica villas, like Mais Oui Tennis & Spa Villa, offer space galore.

2.  You were so excited about the price quote that when you grabbed your credit card to pay the bill you used the company’s credit card by mistake.

3.  Instead of paying attention during the conference call, you were actually on our website watching the Mais Oui photo gallery and reading all the useful tidbits about the villa and Jamaica. You have no idea what they were talking about and now your boss wants an update in 5 minutes.

4.  You thought you were sending a text to us about setting up spa services but you texted your boss by accident, during staff meeting.


Darryl oops-lol

Well, it wasn’t your fault, the staff meeting dragged on and on.

5. And the biggie …. You posted a picture on Facebook of you and your group lounging by the pool at Mais Oui when your boss thought you were out sick. Plus, didn’t you claim you had a wrist injury why you could help take down the office holiday decorations? How come there is a picture of you getting your game going on the tennis court?

No worries … After you beg for forgiveness, share the website with the offended party and they will thank you instead!


Make it Jamaica. Make it Mais Oui.

Disclaimer: Work responsibly. Please give your all at your job but vacation to the fullest when you are at Mais Oui!


‘Til next time.

Think and dream Jamaica!

Sherry, Darrell and Darrian

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