What to do if it rains in Jamaica – 13 fun rainy day activities to do at Mais Oui Villa in Jamaica

So what’s there to do if it rains in Jamaica? We’ve got that covered, literally! Here’s a host of rainy day activities to do at Mais Oui Villa in Discovery Bay, Jamaica, just in case.

A severe drought raged for most of 2015. Fires burnt several acres of the Blue Mountain coffee farms, which will have far-reaching effects on the coffee industry. After this experience, we should never curse the rain again or sing “Rain, rain, go away”.  We should say, “Rain, rain, come you may”.

For vacationers, however, rain can be a bummer. You want sunny skies and wonderful breeze. And for the most part, Jamaica delivers on that. In fact, Discovery Bay is one of the sunnier parts of the North Coast. But sometimes, there is rain. Right now, we are praying for a little rain.

So how can you still have a fantastic time in Jamaica at Mais Oui, even if it does rain? Here are a few ideas. No one will be bored here!

  • Sleep … The sound of rain on the roof in the Caribbean is one of the most soothing experiences. Couple that with our comfortable mattresses and triple sheeting with hand ironed, soft and smooth, “don’t want to get out of bed” linens. Divine! I am only responsible for suggesting sleep…
Just relax in the sumptuous beds!

Just relax in the sumptuous beds!


  • Choose from our extensive collection of board games …. Do you know board games are making a comeback, so much so that there are board game stores where people go to learn and play board games? We have games for kids and adults as well as games for just a few players and games for groups. We have perhaps 6 or 7 chess sets. There are the classics like Monopoly and Scrabble. Don’t forget the rousing party games like Outburst and Taboo.
Remember Scrabble?

Remember Scrabble? Photo credit HASBRO


  • Want even more friendly competition? Go for a casino game like poker or black jack. Or, don’t forget about regular old card games like Spades and Bid Whist.
    What about a poker game?

    What about a poker game?


  • Read a book …. Yours or one of ours …


  • Listen to some music … Bob Marley is always great and will enhance that great Jamaican vibe.


  • Have dinner indoors by candlelight. This is a great time to be a foodie savoring a multi-course meal. Let your personal chef surprise you!
  • Do what you rarely have time to do… Curl up in one of the living areas and simply hang out. Or, get in your pjs and stay up talking all night like you did when you were a teenager or in college. What better way to catch up on old times?
  • Watch a movie or have a movie marathon from our DVD library. If the rain is really heavy, it could affect the satellite service. No such worries with DVDs. Choose one of ours or bring one of your own.
  • You could play Wii.
    Play Wii

    If you must have technology, you could play Wii


  • If you’re really motivated, you could hit the gym.
    You could hit the gym.

    The gym at Mais Oui


  • You can always surf the internet. Wifi is free.
  • You could ask Dave, our operations manager, to show your kids some magic card tricks! That will keep them occupied and excited for a while!
    Learn a magic card trick to impress your friends back home

    Learn a magic card trick to impress your friends back home


And here is one more …

  • If you really want to go out, how about going over to Joe James’ Art Gallery to see some great art. If he is there, he will certainly entertain you with his stories. There is nothing there for kids to do though.
    Joe James Art Gallery

    Joe James Art Gallery


There is so much to do at Mais Oui, that I am probably forgetting some things; but, those are the top indoor activities to do to help make sure that a rainy day won’t even matter to you. We’d love to have you visit us at Mais Oui.

From reading this post, you should be having a light-bulb moment right now as there is one huge hint about picking your Jamaica vacation rental. In case you didn’t figure it out, here it is … If you choose to stay somewhere other than Mais Oui, make sure you are at a property with lots of choice amenities to keep your entire group happy, especially if it rains!


‘Til next time.

Think and dream Jamaica!


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