New at Mais Oui Villa … roof-top billiards!

What’s new at Mais Oui Villa, Jamaica?

Can you imagine a villa with roof-top billiards! How cool is that?!

One thing you can bank on is that guests love to hang out and eat outside by the pool. The garlic vine, which covered the pool-side pergola, while gorgeous when in bloom with amazingly beautiful purple flowers, was a royal pain.

Garlic vine in bloom ... absolutely beautiful!

Garlic vine in bloom … absolutely beautiful!

The ground staff was forever sweeping up spent flower petals from the patio and skimming them out of the pool. Leaves would sometimes fall during meal time.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the vine was so invasive that it wreaked havoc on the woodwork. We were constantly having to replace damaged wood or paint. Plus, from overhead, everything either looked like a green carpet or a hot mess depending on your perspective.

The garlic vine at the poolside pergola could be a pain

The garlic vine at the poolside pergola could be a pain

We bit the bullet and decided to swap out the trellis for a more functional concrete roof

Always resourceful, we wanted usable roof space.

Replacing the garlic vine to give an additional roof deck

Replacing the garlic vine to give an additional roof deck

Our hope for additional space turned to panic with an urgent call from Dave, “It’s hot! The new roof top is so hot that I had to take the men off work. We need a roofed structure. We need a roof-top gazebo!”

We needed a change in plans fast.

As is typical of Mais Oui’s life story, a plan to do one simple, distinct upgrade, snowballed into a major effort to improve the guest experience. Fortunately for us, this was right up Dave’s alley. He loves construction. He had just over 800 sq ft of roof-top space to re-purpose. We now have a third roof top terrace with its own distinct experience sporting an 8-ft pool table.

Want to play a little pool?

Want to play a little pool?

Billiards with a view!

If you haven’t yet visited us, we now have one more amenity waiting for you … a villa with roof-top billiards experience and fabulous ocean views!

If you have been since we put in the billiards area, let us know what you think. We’d love to know.

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Til next time.

Think and dream Jamaica.

Sherry, Darrell & Darrian

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