How to Crush the 8 Objections Your Group May Have to Renting a Villa in Jamaica

8 Top Objections Your Group May Have to Renting a Villa in Jamaica and How to Crush Them

Thanks to websites like AirBnb and Homeaway, villa rentals, also called vacation rentals, are becoming much more mainstream. Nevertheless, some people still imagine that they are little houses or apartment that other people rent when they are too cheap to spring for a hotel. If that’s what you think, you are way off base. Vacation rentals are the hottest trends in the travel industry these days.

Unbeknownst to many, renting a villa in Jamaica has been common place for eons and has been a well-kept secret among the well-heeled.

Since that might be news to some of your travel companions, here are the top 8 objections they might raise to renting a villa in Jamaica along with some great comebacks from those who know better!

You are never really sure what your hotel room will look like. Maybe Thumbelina would love this room

You are never really sure what your hotel room will look like. Maybe Thumbelina would love this room!

  1.  “It is easier to book individual rooms and get the individual bills at a hotel.”

That may be true but you get better value by renting a whole house and splitting the bill. This is simple mathematics. If you need three or more bedrooms, renting a villa is definitely worth exploring. Just make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not oranges or grapes.

Also, don’t confuse cost with value. Three bedrooms at a little roadside budget hotel will be less than a three-bedroom luxury villa and also less value. Renting a nice villa with great amenities which will keep your group happy brings a lot of value to the table which you should weigh against the price.

  1.  “Hotels have easier and more liberal cancellation policies.”

That may also be true; however, considering the deal that you’re getting with renting a house, compared to purchasing individual hotel rooms, the least you could do is to honor the cancellation policy that the owner has set.

That’s why there is travel insurance. Small businesses, like vacation rentals, cannot absorb cancellation costs without taking a hit financially.

  1.  “Hotels have room service, front desk staff, and concierge services.”

True. Hotels have people with smiling faces ready to call if you have a problem or need more information. Just so you know, Jamaica villas have that beat… Umm, it’s called your very own personal staff.

  1.  “Hotels have a good number of amenities such as a gym and a restaurant on site.”

Many rentals these days have amenities that might surpass those of your average hotel. Plus, the amenities are private AND often personalized. (Hmmm . . . it was your choices on the dinner menu last night, right?)

Do you really want to have to pray that there is still a lounge chair available by the pool when you get there at 9am? Wouldn’t it be nice to walk to the pool and not feel like strange eyes are watching you?

Plus what about those exorbitant laundry charges that could easily add up to the cost of a washing machine? 

Did you forget that many hotels these days still charge extra for wifi?  

At a villa, you have your own kitchen with your very own refrigerator, a luxury when you are traveling with kids or if you simply want to get a cool drink at midnight!

It will cost you a small fortune to have laundry done at a hotel ... unlike when you rent a villa in Jamaica

It will cost you a small fortune to have laundry done at a hotel … unlike when you rent a villa in Jamaica

  1.  “There is no cooking or cleaning at a hotel. We just go to the restaurant and order our food and it is taken care of.”

Well, you don’t have those worries either at a staffed villa. In fact, your food options are likely to be better because you tell the staff what you want.

Also, you avoid the awful buffet lines that are ever present at many of the all inclusive hotels.

Actually, if you want really good food at many of the all inclusive hotels, you have to pay extra as the on-site specialty restaurants generally are not included in your package price. Ouch!

When you rent a villa in Jamaica your meals are prepared for you.

When you rent a villa in Jamaica your meals are prepared for you.

  1.  “The hotel reviews will make sure that we have a good time.”

Actually, you really shouldn’t be as dependent on reviews as much as you think.

Some people give average properties great reviews simply because they love the design of the property or if they got an upgrade on arrival. Some people give great hotels bad reviews if the weather was bad or if they lost their luggage.

Don’t forget vacation rentals get reviewed too and the expectation among these guests are high!

  1.  “Hotels have better entertainment.”

This is not necessarily true. It depends on the hotel. Some hotels have no entertainment. At many, “entertainment ” is loud music and a lot of drinking to make “everyone feel alright”. How special is that?

At a villa, you determine or create your own entertainment, based on what you like as opposed to what was designed to please the “masses”. Play your own music. Better yet, you could have a live mento band come over to play for you one evening.

  1. “Hotels are predictable. You know exactly what you’re getting.”

Actually, that is not exactly true. Usually, you don’t know which room you will be getting at a hotel. At a recent stay in a hotel in Chicago for which we paid a pretty penny, our room for three, which we specified and paid extra for at the time of booking, turned out to be 8 ½ feet width by 17 feet long with a double bed and a roll away!

At a villa, you can ask specifically about the room configurations and or see a floor plan in advance. So no surprises there!

See the world differently. Rent a villa.

See the world differently. Rent a villa.

Life is too short to always reach for the predictable, the expected. It’s time for even ordinary people to have extraordinary experiences.

Take a baby step out of your comfort zone and try renting a villa or vacation rental in Jamaica. Do something different for a change. You might just get some great stories to tell. Vacation extraordinarily.

Think and dream Jamaica!

Til next time,

Sherry, Darrell, and Darrian

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