Dolphin Cove Jamaica Trip Review

Dolphin Cove Jamaica – Trip Review We visited the Ocho Rios location of Dolphin Cove Jamaica in June 2015. If you want the full story, keep reading. If you just want the highlights or the key tips,

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Stay at a Jamaica Villa

You’ve planned for this trip. You’ve saved for it. You are looking forward to some glorious days off. Here’s how to make sure you make the most of your stay at a Jamaica villa –

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Martha Brae River Rafting Jamaica Trip Report

Martha Brae River Rafting is just outside of Falmouth and is about an easy 15-20 minute drive from Mais Oui Villa in Discovery Bay. We stopped by in July 2015. There is an herb garden as well as a flower

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So what’s the damage? What is your Jamaica villa vacation going to cost you?

What will your Jamaica villa vacation cost you? OK, so you have your airfare and the cost of the villa rental to consider. What else is there to think about for your Jamaica villa vacation? What will

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Jewel Water Park Runaway Bay Jamaica Trip Report

Finally a gap has been closed in our area thanks to the opening of the Jewel Lagoon Water Park in Runaway Bay, Jamaica! We are beyond ecstatic to have a water park merely a 10-15 minute drive east of

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Top Mistakes Made Filling Out Jamaica’s Immigration Form

Avoid some of the common mistakes made in filling out the Jamaica Immigration & Custom Form. A new immigration form was introduced in 2015. Thank goodness! Those who have been to Jamaica before

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A Must-Read Before You Pack for Your Vacation to Jamaica or the Caribbean

A Must-Read Before You Pack for Your Vacation to Jamaica or the Caribbean5 Things to Consider Before You Put Anything in Your Suitcase 6 Really Obvious … or Not so Obvious … Items to Pack

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Insanely Good Food at 4 Certifiable Holes-in-the-Wall in Jamaica near Discovery Bay

Good food often comes at a price, and usually with the fandangles of a fancy establishment. But, does it have to? Not necessarily. Let me share with you four certifiable holes-in-the-wall in Jamaica near

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