Unfounded fears that can ruin your Jamaica villa experience – Food shopping

Meal Planning and Food Shopping at your Jamaica villa … How unnecessary fears about meals at a Jamaica villa can ruin your vacation experience Repeat guests know first-hand that meals at a Jamaica

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Why you must follow your heart …

Enjoy one of my favorite quotes.  May the New Year bring you happiness, hope, courage, strength and love. Follow your heart. Wishing you all the best, From our family to yours. Til next time. Think and

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Giving back at Christmas time

Join the Random Act of Kindness Challenge. Let’s make a difference. Jamaica celebrates many holidays like the USA but Thanksgiving isn’t one of them. Around Easter time, many churches have

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6 Foods You Must Try for an Authentic Jamaican Christmas Dinner

Jamaican Christmas Dinner Six (6) Foods that Jamaicans must have at Christmas time otherwise it isn’t Christmas   What do Jamaicans eat for Christmas? Jamaicans love a good Christmas dinner.

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Christmas in Jamaica

Christmas in Jamaica How does Jamaica celebrate Christmas? Christmas in Jamaica is not a whole lot different from Christmas elsewhere in the world, especially the US and the UK. But, as you would expect,

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Getting through the Montego Bay Airport in Jamaica as Quickly as Possible

How to Get Through the Montego Bay Airport in Jamaica as Quickly as Possible   You are excited about your trip. You can’t wait to get to where you are staying and kick your shoes off. It doesn’t

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Jamaica Submarine Adventure Trip Review, Discovery Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica’s only submarine experience is in Discovery Bay. Woo hoo! Update 3/3/2017: The submarine has left Discovery Bay and has moved to Istanbul, Turkey. The beach park is also closed and is being

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Dolphin Cove Jamaica Trip Review

Dolphin Cove Jamaica – Trip Review We visited the Ocho Rios location of Dolphin Cove Jamaica in June 2015. If you want the full story, keep reading. If you just want the highlights or the key tips,

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