Why Jamaica is Always Among the Top Destination Wedding Locations

Why Get Married in Jamaica?

See why Jamaica is always listed among the top destination wedding locations in the world.

Jamaica is consistently among the world's top destination wedding locations.

Search for top destination wedding locations in the world and Jamaica is always on the list.

Among couples who marry in the Caribbean, Jamaica is a perennial favorite.

Why would that be?

The thousands of couples who choose Jamaica for their destination wedding could not possibly be wrong.


11 Reasons Jamaica is always on the list of Top Destination Wedding Locations in the World.

  1. It is easy to get to by air. Many major cities have direct flights to Jamaica. Especially if your trip will be for less than a week, consider the ease of travel. Your guests will not be happy with you if you plan a long weekend in a destination where you need two or three connecting flights over 16 hours to get there.
  2. For citizens of most countries, you only need a valid passport to enter. No visas or vaccinations required.
  3. Communication is easy. English is spoken. Even your friends who have never left the country will be able to fit in and start enjoying themselves quickly.
  4. The wedding process is easy. No blood tests are required. You can get married after just 24 hours of being on the island, if the application was made ahead of time. The wedding is legal in the US, Canada, UK and most other countries of the world.   
  5. Jamaica is not just for beach lovers! The island is very diverse with lots of attractions and activities to suit people with a wide range of interest – golf, tennis, shopping, watersports, nature tours, gardens, plus a whole lot more. Guests will have lots of choices for a fun vacation for themselves and so will you. Check out our Discovery Bay Jamaica Vacation Insider Guide for tons of ideas.
  6. Jamaica does thousands upon thousands of weddings each year so we know how to do weddings right. It’s easy. A wide range of vendors is available to suit all budgets. It is extremely unlikely that you would need to go to the additional expense of flying in your own vendors.
  7. There is just something about the island vibes will lighten everyone’s mood. You can’t help but feel happy while you are there. Jamaica is the land of No Problem. Or, is that the rum punch or Red Stripe that does that?
  8. Jamaica is not a cheap destination but is not an expensive destination like the South of France or Italy that could potentially dissuade some people from attending your wedding. In Jamaica, there are options to suit various budgets and needs, ranging from all-inclusive hotels to intimate private villas.
  9. Jamaica has loads of options for wedding venues. You could choose a hotel, beach, garden or waterfall location. Or, you could choose one of Jamaica’s fabulous staffed private villas for a truly unique experience that your guests will remember forever.  
  10. Even though there is a designated hurricane season, Jamaica has good weather year-round. Some of the best deals are to be found in the low or off season

  11. Even though Jamaica is a very popular destination wedding location, it still remains fresh. You can still expect to create a wedding experience that is unique, much more than sun, sea, and sand or rum, rasta, and reggae.

So there you have it – 11 reasons Jamaica is rightfully considered among the top destination wedding locations in the world.


Best wishes with your Jamaica destination wedding plans.

‘Til next time.

Think and dream Jamaica!

Sherry, Darrell & Darrian

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