Jamaica photography tip … You could get in trouble in Jamaica with your camera!

Jamaica is a phtographer's paradise

Jamaica is a photographer’s paradise


Jamaica photography tip … You could get in trouble in Jamaica with your camera!

You may love your digital or video camera but make sure you don’t commit a major faux pas.

Opportunities abound for great photos in Jamaica. A word of caution, however. Be careful when photographing people.

Someone sent me an email asking me if it was true that Jamaicans have an aversion to having their pictures taken. I wouldn’t say that is true. What I would say is that Jamaicans do not like to be photographed by strangers unless they are asked for their permission BEFORE-HAND.

Think about it. You are going about your business in your hometown. Would you want a stranger coming up to you and snapping your photo without your permission? I know for sure I wouldn’t. It’s no different in Jamaica. It is considered very rude.

Don’t even think that they won’t notice the subtle click from your phone or digital camera. Some may ask for a copy of the photo. Some may ask for or demand a tip – and they may not be happy with $5. Some will be highly insulted and there is no price that you could pay that would be enough.

Children will usually let you take their picture; but, tread carefully. The watchful eye of their parents or guardian may be just around the bend. If they are with their parents, be sure to ask for permission before you start snapping their pretty faces.

If you have a video camera, you may find that lots of people may want to “get in the movies”. If you are filming and someone is directly in your line of sight, the same rules as for photography apply.

So now that you know the rules, go ahead and have a blast taking photos in Jamaica.

‘Til next time.

Think and dream Jamaica!


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