10 Reasons Mais Oui Villa is Not for You

Should you book Mais Oui Tennis & Spa Villa in Discovery Bay, Jamaica? Is it for you?

One reason we have been successful in renting our Jamaica villa over the last 16 years is that we try our hardest to make sure that Mais Oui is right for the person who is booking the property. From our perspective, there is no point in snagging a booking if deep in our hearts we know that our villa would not be the right selection – whether it is our size, location, or amenities or even guest expectations. If on the other hand, you are a great match, come on down. You are in for a treat!

This could be your Jamaica villa!

This could be your Jamaica villa!

We like to communicate with potential guests by phone or by email to make sure that they will make a good choice in selecting Mais Oui. We find that it is equally important for our guests to be honest with us as well so that we can get a true sense of what they are looking for in a vacation home. We don’t just want happy guests. we want guests that are so happy with their stay that they tell all their friends about us!

Based on our experience and what we have learned from the questions we have been asked by hundreds of guests in the past, here is what we know for sure.

Mais Oui Jamaica Villa is not for you if …

1.  You crave an active nightlife scene.

When our guests want a little nightlife, they often go into Ocho Rios, maybe to Margaritaville, about 30 minutes east or into Montego Bay, about 50 minutes west. Some choose to get an evening pass for one of the closer hotels and spend the evening there. Some go to Negril for a day trip and end the evening at Rick’s Cafe, one of the “1000 Places to See Before You Die”.

If you don’t want to go out, you could hire a band for some evening fun but really, this is our home and not a hotel. We do not have on-site nightly entertainment. If that is your desire, you would be better off choosing a hotel rather than a villa in Jamaica. If you do want to stay in a villa, choose one in a large villa resort complex that is associated with a hotel. You’ll give up some privacy; but, you should be able to get some nightlife at the hotel. Be sure to ask specifically about the nightlife before you book.

2.  You plan on having rowdy parties.

Even though Mais Oui is a large house, it is not designed for typical Spring Break parties or gatherings along those lines. Mais Oui is in a quiet family friendly environment with other villas or second homes nearby. We are on very good terms with the local police and they keep a special eye out on our property so we don’t want them to come visit us for the wrong reasons …  like a call from an upset villa owner whose guests are complaining about ruckus at our home. That would not be cool.

3. You expect a TV in each bedroom.

We have WiFi at Mais Oui but truthfully, we promote more of a “let’s-enjoy-this-time-we-have-together” lifestyle. We have never had TVs in our bedrooms and we are not expecting to change this soon. This is not an amenity that our guests request, even those with kids, surprisingly. For some reason, despite a world where many vacation rentals boast flat screen TVs in every room, this has not been part of our “vibe”. We do have a TV in the family room which has Direct TV. We also have a TV upstairs in the library lounge connected to our Wii console and of course, there is our unique rooftop movie night experience.

4. You can’t imagine staying at a villa with staff.

A staffed villa is very Jamaican. The staff is there to help you so that you do not have to worry about mundane things like making beds, cooking, or cleaning. Read any article about Jamaica villa living and you will find the staff is key to a great villa vacation.

Your staff at your Jamaica villa is there to help you

Your staff at your Jamaica villa is there to help you

5. You absolutely must be beachfront.

We are a mere 2-3 minute walk to a secluded beach cove, closer than you would have to walk if you were to walk from a typical room at a beachfront hotel to the beach. Once in a while, you might run into guests from another neighboring villa or a few locals having a picnic; but, most times you will be the only ones there.

There is a larger beach, called Big Beach, which is about a 1-2 minute’s drive around the bay. If all you have is a towel or a light bag, you could walk to Big Beach. If you want the beach chairs to go with you, it would be easier for you to be dropped off there.

With the array of amenities that Mais Oui has, the beach is simply only one more option for our guests to enjoy. It is not the be all and end all for our guests. Even guests who come to Jamaica believing that they will spend every day at the beach are surprised to find that they end up doing so only two or three times for the week.

Little beach 2-minute walk from villa

Little beach 2-minute walk from Mais Oui Villa

Only you can determine how critical a requirement beachfront is for your group. There is no point coming here if you are going to miss having a 180-degree view of the Caribbean sea from your bedroom. Our setting is reminiscent of a botanical garden with glorious ocean views best appreciated from our bi-level rooftop terrace.

The Doctor Bird - Jamaica's national bird - in our garden

The Doctor Bird – Jamaica’s national bird – in the garden at Mais Oui Villa

Additionally, our guests recognize the exceptional value and significant savings they receive by staying with us, close but not on the water.

What makes Mais Oui unique is that, in addition to our talented staff, we offer an unmatched array of on-site amenities which  create a world-class villa experience infused with Jamaican culture and charm that would be hard to reproduce elsewhere, even at a beachfront property.

6. You have to smoke indoors.

If you think it will be difficult for you not to smoke indoors, then please choose another rental. Our son, our only child, has significant respiratory issues. Keeping a smoke-free environment is critical to keeping him healthy when he visits. Also, Jamaican law requires a smoke-free environment for workers. The villa is our staff’s workplace.

In the 16 years that we have had the villa, only a rare few guests have ever violated this request. Please do not put us in the position of having to ask you to not smoke in the villa. We want all our guests to be happy and we enjoy sharing our home with guests. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to comply with this request, one of the few requests that we have of our guests, please choose one of the other villas in Jamaica that allow smoking.

7. You think Jamaica is marijuana heaven and Mais Oui is a rest stop there.

We cannot control what happens off-property; but, please remember that Mais Oui is non-smoking and that includes marijuana. Please see #6 above.

Jamaicans will often laugh off jokes about marijuana; but, the truth is that many are a little sensitive about it. So, let’s start off by leaving the stereotypes behind. And, please, don’t ask our staff about getting marijuana for you. It really puts them in an awkward position. This is not what Mais Oui is about. Jamaica’s culture is slowly dying and we, at Mais Oui, are trying to sustain it, not perpetuate stereotypes.

In fact, a stay at Mais Oui will debunk many false assumptions about Jamaica. Do some Jamaicans smoke marijuana? Yes. Do some smoke it for religious reasons? Yes. Do some use it for medicinal purposes? Yes. Do most Jamaicans use marijuana in some way? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Trust me, you will get brownie points from the average Jamaican for knowing the answer to that last question. And, they will appreciate your not assuming that all they do is smoke marijuana all day.

8. You are looking for a budget rental.

Maybe you just want a roof over your head because you are so excited to be in Jamaica; however, even the most budget-conscious person will have to admit that a villa of our size and amenities, including a staff, must cost a lot to operate and maintain year round. Should your budget not align with our prices, we understand that you will choose to book elsewhere. There is a villa to suit all budgets.

If you don’t need the level of amenities that we offer, then by all means choose a place with fewer amenities, which will certainly be of lower cost. Only you can determine the type of Jamaica vacation for which you are looking. As with most things in life, do remember that you often get what you pay for. You want to be sure that you select a place that will help you create great memories, which will last long after the price is forgotten.

9. You really want a hotel.

As much as Mais Oui has many boutique hotel-like offerings, the bottom line is that it is not a hotel. Rather, it is an amazing home, our home, where we do everything we can to welcome guests and to ensure that they have a wonderful vacation with us.

10. You want to be able to walk to stores or bars.

There are no stores or shops within walking distance. Mais Oui is for those who value privacy and appreciate having as many amenities and activities on-site as possible so that they have choices, whether to stay on property or to go out. When our guests go out, they usually use a private van and driver service. There are over 30 activities within 30 minutes drive in either direction from which to choose.

10 Reasons Mais Oui Villa in Jamaica is Not for You

So, we hope this article helps to give you a better sense of what Mais Oui is about, more specifically what it is not. We have a string of guests who have absolutely loved Mais Oui and that number continues to grow year by year.

To learn more about Mais Oui Tennis & Spa Villa and what we have to offer, please visit our website.

If you think Mais Oui might be what you are looking for, contact us and we will help you figure it out! Again, our goal is for you to have a wonderful Jamaica villa vacation, regardless of whether or not you stay at Mais Oui.


‘Til next time.

Think and dream Jamaica!

Sherry, Darrell and Darrian

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