What you must know before you sign up for a free wedding in Jamaica

Read before you go chasing a free wedding in Jamaica

Read before you go chasing a free wedding in Jamaica


What you must know before you sign up for a free wedding in Jamaica


So many destination wedding ads promote the so-called free wedding in Jamaica causing couples to think that they found the secret to being able to afford their dream wedding.

Before you get excited, remember the old adage, “There is no such thing as free”.

This could not be more true than in the wedding industry.

First off, know what you are getting for a free wedding in Jamaica.

  1. The inclusions are generally nothing to write home about – a bridal bouquet and boutonnière, a reception table for the bride and groom plus six guests, and a cake. Some might include a 30-minute reception with sparkling wine for a toast.
  2. Not all properties include the marriage officer in the wedding package. Jamaican law requires a registered marriage officer to do the actual pronouncement and to sign the marriage documents. Remember, the officiant has to get paid!
  3. The package is almost always pre-fixed with no substitutions permitted.
  4. There are no custom decorations. You are using the same space as every other bride that day.
  5. Do not have any expectation for privacy. There will be other hotel guests around. And yes, they will stare because people cannot resist looking at a bride in her wedding dress. For dinner, they might seat you together in one of their restaurants. If you want a private meal, guess what? That costs extra.
  6. You might get a commemorative photograph included in the wedding package. Since the photographer did not shoot only one picture of your wedding, you will have the opportunity to purchase the other photos at a price that will not be a deal! Which bride will be able to pick one photo out of a hundred and resist purchasing additional photos once they are presented to her?


Second, what is the catch for your free wedding in Jamaica?

What is in the fine print that might not be immediately apparent?

Let’s see.

How many rooms does your party have to book? Gotcha.

What is the minimum length of stay? Is it longer than you originally intended? Is it a week instead of just a few days? Gotcha twice.

Do you have to use their preferred vendors? Is there a vendor fee for outside vendors? Gotcha squared!

Here is an excerpt from the website of one all-inclusive hotel, whose name I won’t mention, that offers “free” weddings:

“Free Packages based on a total combined booking of 35 room-nights for your wedding group. Free Wedding Package includes up to 10 guests – additional guests may be added at $20 USD per person (age 13+). Children at $13 USD per child (age 4-12).”

With almost all the resorts, what is evident is, the more rooms you book, the more freebies are thrown in for you.

Do you see the problem with this picture?

Why would you increase your guest list just to get a free wedding in Jamaica when one of the best ways to save on your destination wedding is to reduce your guest list?

If you think it through, you will see that your group will be spending more money with the property which will, in turn, allow you to get a free wedding. Plus, not only will your group’s spend be more, you will be spending more money for a larger reception which will easily eat up any possible savings you might have enjoyed.

If you selected your wedding location because you love the resort, that’s great. Or, if you increased your guest list to include people whom you really want to attend and the free wedding is a natural byproduct, then no harm no foul.

But … if you are really trying to get a free wedding because you think you are saving money, then do the math first. That free wedding might not be so “free” in the long run.

So what’s the alternative to succumbing to the free wedding bribe?

Figure out how much you and your group will be spending on the hotel stay ($X per person per night). How much have you budgeted for your wedding celebration? Now, add up the total spend of your group?

What could you truly achieve with all that money?

Could you save yourself and your guests some money by having a Jamaica villa wedding and have a private, custom wedding? You most likely could.

Here’s how.

Rent a large villa or vacation rental for your wedding such as Mais Oui Tennis Spa Villa in Discovery Bay, Jamaica.

Have more guests than the villa you love can accommodate? No problem. Simply rent nearby villas or hotel rooms at that point.

Read this blog post: Best of the Wedding Villas in Jamaica – Mais Oui Villa in Discovery Bay.

Let us show you how, with the help of a local wedding planner, you can put on a wedding that is a much more personalized experience that you and your guests will cherish forever … without you having to give up an arm and two legs in the process!



Best wishes with your Jamaica destination wedding plans.

‘Til next time.

Think and dream Jamaica!

Sherry, Darrell & Darrian

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