Devon House Ice Cream Jamaica

Devon House Ice Cream Jamaica –

The Best Ice Cream in the World

Jamaicans love the local Devon House ice cream. It is a source of national pride. To us, there is no better ice cream in the world.

Devon House Ice Cream Jamaica - for when you want the best

Devon House Ice Cream Jamaica – for when you want the best

And the rest of the world agrees.

Jamaica’s Devon House Ice Cream is a leading ice cream of the world!

On the Daily Meal’s List the World’s Best Ice Cream Parlors for 2017, Devon House Ice Cream Jamaica is #34 out of 35.

The results were tallied based on overall popularity, freshness of ingredients, number of flavors and uniqueness (originality) as well as customer reviews of service and experience.

Being on the list is not unexpected considering that Devon House Ice Cream Jamaica made National Geographic’s Top 10 list in 2011.

Devon House is considered the best ice cream in Jamaica. In our very biased opinion, it is on par with top ice cream brands such as Ben & Jerry’s,  Häagen-Dazs, Breyers,  Blue Bell and  Baskin-Robbins.

The original Devon House Ice Cream Parlor is on the grounds of Devon House in Kingston, home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire. If you are in Kingston, it is worth a visit. There is something special about eating Devon House ice cream and walking about the property’s gorgeous grounds. It is almost like a Sunday afternoon ritual for some locals.

Devon House Ice Cream Sign

Devon House Ice Cream Sign at the Ice Cream Parlor at Devon House in Kingston

The factory is in Kingston as is the flagship ice cream parlor but there are branches in many of the large cities or towns.

The closest branch to us is in Salem, about 10-15 minutes east of the villa.

Why I love Devon House Ice Cream Jamaica

Ok only one cone of Devon House ice cream today

Ok only one cone of Devon House ice cream today

The flavors are wonderful and not too heavy. The ice cream is thick, creamy and doesn’t melt too quickly. We don’t handle milk products well yet we have zero issues with Devon House Ice Cream. One taste of any Devon House ice cream flavor and there is no doubt about the quality.

How much does Devon House Ice Cream Cost?

It is pricey though. A single cone is JA$350 or about US$3.50. A quart is about JA$1500 or US$15. The good news is that they will allow you to choose 3 or 4 flavors in the quart container.

The Flavors of Devon House Ice Cream Jamaica

The Flavors of Devon House Ice Cream Jamaica

 The Flavors of Devon House Ice Cream Jamaica

Signature flavors include Devon Stout that is made with the local Dragon Stout, Blue Mountain Coffee, and Soursop. Rum and raisin and grapenut are also two other popular flavors. There are also the expected tropical flavors of coconut, guava, mango and fruit basket.

For a special treat, try a Devon House ice cream tasting. Sample the various flavors. You will see for yourself why Devon House I Scream is considered a top ice cream brand in the world.

If you are in Jamaica, look for the iconic sign and try even one flavor.

What’s your favorite Devon House Ice Cream flavor?

Tell us which flavor you tried and let us know what you think. If you are a Devon House Ice cream lover, what’s your favorite flavor?

‘Til next time.

Think and dream Jamaica!

Sherry, Darrell, and Darrian

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