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Jamaica villa or hotel: 10 Really Good Reasons to Choose a Villa

Should you pick a Jamaica villa or hotel? Despite the attractiveness of hotels, here are 10 really good reasons to choose a villa over a hotel for your next Jamaica vacation. You’ll be glad you are

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10 Reasons Mais Oui Villa is Not for You

Should you book Mais Oui Tennis & Spa Villa in Discovery Bay, Jamaica? Is it for you? One reason we have been successful in renting our Jamaica villa over the last 16 years is that we try our hardest

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How to decide who gets which room when you rent a Jamaica villa. How to keep everybody happy.

A possible challenge with a planning a Jamaica villa vacation is how to keep the whole group happy. One area of concern sometimes centers around the bedrooms … How to decide who gets which room when

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Should you rent a Jamaica villa

Have you ever wondered if you should rent a Jamaica villa?Have you always rented hotels but now are traveling with family and friends and need more than 2 hotel rooms? Are you looking for ways to get

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Travel Insurance for a Jamaica villa rental … What a Rip Off! Or is it?

Think travel insurance for a Jamaica villa rental is a rip-off? You may not think so if your trip is interrupted or cancelled for reasons beyond your control. No-one wants to think that his or her flight

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Unfounded fears that can ruin your Jamaica villa experience – Food shopping

Meal Planning and Food Shopping at your Jamaica villa … How unnecessary fears about meals at a Jamaica villa can ruin your vacation experience Repeat guests know first-hand that meals at a Jamaica

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Stay at a Jamaica Villa

You’ve planned for this trip. You’ve saved for it. You are looking forward to some glorious days off. Here’s how to make sure you make the most of your stay at a Jamaica villa –

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So what’s the damage? What is your Jamaica villa vacation going to cost you?

What will your Jamaica villa vacation cost you? OK, so you have your airfare and the cost of the villa rental to consider. What else is there to think about for your Jamaica villa vacation? What will

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