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Do You Have a Fear of Traveling? Tell Us Why.

Millions of people have a fear of traveling. Did you know that fear of traveling is called hodophobia? Yep. That is the official name for this fear. Terrorist events have fueled the fire. Who can forget

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Travel Tips: Why you must wear socks when you fly

Travel Tips: Why you must wear socks when you fly   Back in 2007 when I first published this article, I couldn’t remember an occasion when I didn’t have to have my shoes screened. It was

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Jamaica villa or hotel: 10 Really Good Reasons to Choose a Villa

Should you pick a Jamaica villa or hotel? Despite the attractiveness of hotels, here are 10 really good reasons to choose a villa over a hotel for your next Jamaica vacation. You’ll be glad you are

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Should you cruise to Jamaica or book a stay in Jamaica?

To cruise or not to cruise to Jamaica? Cruising is a great way to see many different places in a short time. Most visitors who come to Jamaica now-a-days do so by cruise. If the choice is going to Jamaica

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5 Places to Go Shopping on Jamaica’s North Coast

Insider Secrets to Shopping on Jamaica’s North Coast – between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay    5 Spots for Serious Retail Therapy on Jamaica’s North Coast   So, where do you

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10 Reasons Mais Oui Villa is Not for You

Should you book Mais Oui Tennis & Spa Villa in Discovery Bay, Jamaica? Is it for you? One reason we have been successful in renting our Jamaica villa over the last 16 years is that we try our hardest

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How to Survive the Craft Market in Jamaica

Hacks to Survive the Craft Markets in Jamaica A visit to the craft market in Jamaica can be hit or miss. And, the mixed reviews on Trip Advisor don’t help. So what’s the deal? Should you visit

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14 Things to Know Before Going Shopping in Jamaica

14 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going Shopping in Jamaica   Whether you are coming to Jamaica on a cruise or you are staying in a villa or hotel, there are certain things to know about shopping

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