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Things to Do in Jamaica: Green Grotto Caves, Discovery Bay, Jamaica

Trip Report for Green Grotto Caves & Attractions, Discovery Bay, Jamaica Darrian and I took a Mom and son trip to Green Grotto Caves, which is just on the outskirts of Discovery Bay, less than 10

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Things to Do in Falmouth: Jamaica Swamp Safari Village

Things to do in Falmouth: Jamaica Swamp Safari Village  – Trip Report We visited Jamaica Swamp Safari Village in Falmouth, Trelawny in March 2016. It was an easy 20 minute or so drive from the villa

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5 Places to Go Shopping on Jamaica’s North Coast

Insider Secrets to Shopping on Jamaica’s North Coast – between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay    5 Spots for Serious Retail Therapy on Jamaica’s North Coast   So, where do you

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How to Survive the Craft Market in Jamaica

Hacks to Survive the Craft Markets in Jamaica A visit to the craft market in Jamaica can be hit or miss. And, the mixed reviews on Trip Advisor don’t help. So what’s the deal? Should you visit

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14 Things to Know Before Going Shopping in Jamaica

14 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going Shopping in Jamaica   Whether you are coming to Jamaica on a cruise or you are staying in a villa or hotel, there are certain things to know about shopping

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9 Kid-Friendly Things to do in Jamaica, Family fun!

9 Kid-Friendly Things to do in Jamaica that will make any kid smile With the strong focus on all-inclusive vacations and tours for cruise ship passengers, Jamaica is not always perceived as being kid-friendly

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The Houseboat Grill, Montego Bay, Jamaica – Trip Report

The Houseboat Grill in Montego Bay, Jamaica – Trip Review If you every wanted to go out for dinner one evening, especially for a seafood meal, and don’t mind the drive, you will want to read

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Jamaica Submarine Adventure Trip Review, Discovery Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica’s only submarine experience is in Discovery Bay. Woo hoo! Update 3/3/2017: The submarine has left Discovery Bay and has moved to Istanbul, Turkey. The beach park is also closed and is being

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