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14 Things to Know Before Going Shopping in Jamaica

14 Things Everyone Should Know Before Going Shopping in Jamaica   Whether you are coming to Jamaica on a cruise or you are staying in a villa or hotel, there are certain things to know about shopping

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5 Freaky Ways your Mais Oui Jamaica vacation could get you fired!

OMG …. I’m dead! I’m so dead. This is not happening …. Can my Mais Oui Jamaica vacation get me fired? 1.  Your coworker can’t believe you are actually renting such a magnificent

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Jamaican Thought for the Day: Slow down, be mindful

  Jamaican Expression: Walk too fast, yuh walk two times. English Translation: If you walk too fast, you will walk twice. Meaning: Take your time or be thoughtful in whatever you are doing. If you

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Why you must follow your heart …

Enjoy one of my favorite quotes.  May the New Year bring you happiness, hope, courage, strength and love. Follow your heart. Wishing you all the best, From our family to yours. Til next time. Think and

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Giving back at Christmas time

Join the Random Act of Kindness Challenge. Let’s make a difference. Jamaica celebrates many holidays like the USA but Thanksgiving isn’t one of them. Around Easter time, many churches have

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