An Anniversary Celebration Idea for Parents That is Not Yet Overdone

The Anniversary Celebration Idea for Parents That’s More Fun Than the Holidays … And Is Not Yet Overdone

A Special Celebration Idea That's More Fun Than the Holidays ... And Is Not Yet Overdone

A Special Celebration Idea That’s More Fun Than the Holidays … And Is Not Yet Overdone. Photo by Lotte Meijer on Unsplash

If you read one article about anniversary celebration ideas for parents, it should be this one.

Stay tuned for a unique idea plus an in-depth guide to making it happen.


Anyone can plan a wedding. That’s the easy part.

Not everyone can count a string of wedding anniversaries. That’s the real test.

Celebrate every anniversary.

Every anniversary is an achievement deserving of being acknowledged. Admittedly, some are traditionally more symbolic than others; but, they are all important milestones, a time to appreciate the struggles and the successes that make families stronger and life more fulfilling.

Milestone wedding anniversaries

Do you know people who are celebrating their 40th, 50th or even 60th anniversary? Or how about number 27 or 42? Are you? Are your parents?

Tell the truth. What’s your first reaction?

Mine is always “Wow”. Not because I think they did something impossible. I just think it is highly commendable. So, for me, that’s a wowzer!

Some people think of anniversaries as being very personal romantic events that should be shared by the couple. That may be true, but there is nothing wrong or weird about celebrating with the whole family and or the people who have been there with you through the years.

Hmmm, so what to do for your or your parents’ anniversary, especially the major ones?

Our Suggestion … Give memories not tchotchkes

You could get together with your siblings and buy a gift for your parents; but, why not give memories instead? With age, more and more people think of downsizing. They have less desire for souvenirs such as commemorative plates and the like. Flowers fade. Gifts collect dust, but the gift of time and experiences will live on in the memories of all.

As life gets busier and busier, there is less interaction with each other. Spending quality time together becomes a rare and priceless commodity.

The Gift of Travel – the perfect anniversary celebration idea for parents

The Gift of Travel - The Perfect Anniversary Celebration Idea for Parents

The Gift of Travel – The Perfect Anniversary Celebration Idea for Parents

Travel provides new experiences and creates memories to last a lifetime. It’s an especially great gift for people who don’t want or need anything!

You could send your parents on a trip to celebrate their anniversary; but, how about kicking things up a notch and giving them something really special .… Arrange a vacation away with the whole family!

Combine a wedding anniversary with a family vacation in a beautiful location. What could be a more memorable anniversary celebration idea for parents? This is a sure-fire win-win for all. – Sherry

Which parent wouldn’t appreciate spending time together with the whole family?

Having the family together … grandparents, parents, siblings, kids, grandkids … will create memories that you and your parents will treasure for years to come. Imagine how happy they will be having the whole family together … bringing back memories of family gatherings long past.


In-Depth Guide to Planning a Memorable Anniversary Celebration That’s More Fun Than the Holidays

How to Combine a Milestone Anniversary with a Vacation the Whole Family Will Enjoy


Where should you have the celebration?

You could stay local and have a staycation, but that invariably means work for someone at either their own house or planning the event somewhere else. Nix that idea, especially for a major anniversary. Plus if you stay local, that’s only a vacation for the out-of-towners.

Where to go for this special anniversary trip?

Since you are going to celebrate such a special occasion, why not do so in an equally beautiful location?

Anniversary Trip Idea … Have you considered Jamaica?

Jamaica is almost always on any list of top anniversary destinations. The over one million people who visit every year couldn’t be wrong.

Why Jamaica is always a top vacation destination

Why Jamaica is always a top vacation destination

Here are 7 great reasons why Jamaica should top your list for where you should go for a memorable anniversary celebration for your parents, or even for you!

  1. Jamaica is easy to get to. Direct flights are available from many airports. This means less hassle getting there and more likelihood for reasonable airfares.
  2. It is an easy vacation even for those who have never left the country before. With few exceptions, citizens of most countries don’t need visas. No vaccinations are needed either.
  3. Jamaica has very diverse attractions to serve guests of all ages and interests. Guess again if you thought Jamaica was just for lovers of the beach, rum or reggae!
  4. English is the primary language so communication is easy.
  5. The food is wonderful. With influences from many cultures, be prepared for a wonderful culinary experience. If you have an unadventurous palate, no worries. You will definitely not go hungry.
  6. Jamaica has many accommodation options to suit a variety of budgets, from ultra-luxury hotels to quaint guest houses and everything in between.
  7. You can go to Jamaica in any season. There is always something going on. The weather is warm year round, plus, the sea water is warm too! Sun and beach worshippers will not be disappointed.

Also, be sure to download our free Jamaica Insider Guide to help you see what there is to see and so in Jamaica.

Get your Free Jamaica Vacation Insider Guide

Get your Free Jamaica Vacation Insider Guide

Where to stay to get the best family vacation experience in Jamaica. Should you pick a hotel or villa vacation rental?

Given the number of people who you expect to be joining you, consider a large vacation rental versus a hotel. Read this blog post to show you why it’s smart to choose a villa over a hotel for this special trip.

Renting a villa in Jamaica for the family may sound extravagant. But, it’s not really. Once you do the math, you will realize that you just stumbled upon one of the biggest secrets to saving money on vacation that the wealthy have known about Jamaica for years.

How much does it cost to rent a villa in Jamaica? You don't have to be rich to rent a villa in Jamaica. It just looks that way.

How much does it cost to rent a villa in Jamaica? You don’t have to be rich to rent a villa in Jamaica. It just looks that way.

Read our blog post – How much does it cost to rent a Jamaica villa and how you can afford one.

Should you choose an all-inclusive hotel?

All inclusive hotels seem easy. You pay one price and you don’t have to worry about your wallet. Unless you are staying at one of the really high-end properties it might not quite the perfect vacation option that you imagine, especially if you want to save some money.

Be sure to avoid the biggest anniversary trip planning blunder you could make which would be to think that you save the most money with an all-inclusive hotel option.

Read these two blog posts before you make your decision.

All inclusive versus non all inclusive vacations. Which is the better deal?

Jamaica All Inclusive Vacation: 7 Things to Think About Before You Book

What to look for in a Vacation Rental Villa for an Anniversary Celebration for Families?

  1. Size – Rent a large villa so that everyone can stay under one roof.
  2. Staff – Get a vacation rental with staff so you can actually enjoy yourselves without worrying about taking care of the house. No four letter words are allowed like wash, cook, dust, or make beds. Replace those with words or phrases like relax, reconnect, catch up on old times, laugh as though you will burst, or the perennial favorite – sleep in.
  3. Amenities – Get a property with as many amenities as you can find to make sure you serve the needs of everyone in your group.

Read this article for more tips to help you find the perfect villa rental for your group.

Why Mais Oui Tennis & Spa Villa

As you look for villas in Jamaica for your anniversary celebration for parents, consider Mais Oui Tennis & Spa Villa in Discovery Bay, Jamaica.

There’s no better way to celebrate your special occasion than by bringing your friends and family together to enjoy paradise. With almost 11,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor living space, Mais Oui offers an unforgettable experience for every guest. From rooftop billiards and lawn chess to tennis and basketball court, from garden cabanas to a sun-drenched terrace with a sparkling pool, BBQ and full set-up for breezy gatherings, there are plenty of spaces for friends and family of all ages to create cherished memories – plus private living areas for quiet relaxation.

Mais Oui Villa - dinner on the roof deck at dusk

Mais Oui Villa – dinner on the roof deck at dusk

You owe it to yourself to check out Mais Oui before you book any villa in Jamaica.

Read this blog post to see 12 reasons to choose Mais Oui.

Also, see why Mais Oui is ideal for family reunions and events.

Since we want to make sure that you book the right place for your family, read our blog post, Why Mais Oui Villa is not for you.

What anniversary celebration ideas do you have for the event? What would the couple want?

Have as simple or elaborate anniversary celebration as you desire. We have connections with wedding and event planners who will make it happen.

You could hire a wedding planner for a full-blown vow renewal or you could have a special dinner with an anniversary cake. You could get a photographer to capture professional photos so that everyone will be included in the pictures. You could plan some special entertainment like using a steel band for the evening. You could organize some fun trips to see the sights. Or, you could choose to sit around the pool and go down memory lane with stories of times past. The options are endless.

Jamaica villa for families - Book now

Jamaica villa for families – Book now

So consider Jamaica and Mais Oui Villa for a magnificent and memorable milestone anniversary celebration idea for parents that the whole family will love. 

Clearly, this idea is not limited to anniversaries. Do you have a special occasion coming up in the next year – a major birthday or graduation? How about for your parents? For Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Whatever the occasion, get your family and or friends together and come visit us. We’d be happy to host your group.

A special cool freebie to make vacation planning easy …

Get our exclusive FREE BONUS sent directly to your inbox … a 3-part email series to help you pick the perfect Jamaica villa vacation rental.

  • 12 Question Cheat Sheet to show you what you absolutely must get right before you start searching for Jamaica villas to rent
  • The Savvy Villa Traveler’s Worksheet to figure out your “must-haves” for your dream vacation
  • The Villa Selection Worksheet to narrow down your choices and pick the winning villa rental

‘Til next time.

Think and dream Jamaica!

Sherry, Darrell & Darrian

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