3 Tips to Save You Big Bucks off Your Next Jamaica Villa Vacation

3 Tips to Save You Big Bucks off

Your Next Jamaica Villa Vacation

3 Tips to Save You Big Bucks off Your Next Jamaica Villa Vacation

3 Tips to Save You Big Bucks off Your Next Jamaica Villa Vacation

Want to know how to save big on your Jamaica villa vacation?

We will show you how!

If you follow these 3 tips you can expect to save over $2000 off your next Jamaica villa vacation – and none of these tips involve you begging owners for discounts.


You could be here on your next Jamaica villa vacation enjoying your own private pool!

You could be here on your next Jamaica villa vacation enjoying your own private pool!


The most important factors that affect the cost of villa vacations in Jamaica are location, property size, amenities, level of service, and season.

Don’t skimp on amenities and or service to save costs because these two factors, or lack thereof, can make or break your Jamaica villa vacation.

Where can you save money on your Jamaica villa vacation?

Read on. Savvy villa renters know these secrets and you should too.

Tip #1:
Beachfront is always most expensive. To save money but still have the feeling of a beach vacation, choose a property that is a short walk from the beach. Don’t get so blinded with the idea of beachfront that you forget that even in a beachfront hotel it takes 2-3 minutes minimum to get to the water. Welcome the savings you will get from a property that is 2-3 minutes walk from the beach.

Tip #2:
Pick a property that is well matched for your group. For example, don’t pick a 6-bedroom villa for a group of 4 – unless you absolutely love the place and don’t mind spending more money. Even if discounts are given, a 2-bedroom villa for 4 people almost always cost less than a 6-bedroom villa for 4 people.

Tip #3:
Go during the off-season. Low season in Jamaica runs from April 15th – December 14th. Rates are significantly lower than during the peak season. There are fewer crowds. And, the biggest secret of all . . . the weather is only about 7 degrees higher, on average, than low season.

If you follow even one of these 3 tips, you are guaranteed to save money on your Jamaica villa vacation … a lot of money! It should be pretty obvious to you by now that you can expect these 3 tips to hold true for almost any other Caribbean villa rental destination, especially the more expensive islands.

BONUS TIP: Book direct from the villa rental owner to save the fees that are charged by HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnB, and the other online booking agencies. This tip alone could save you almost $500!

So, as you plan your Jamaica villa vacation, don’t focus on finding a cheap villa. That would be missing the point. Instead, pick the perfect villa for your needs.

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So what’s the damage? What is your Jamaica villa vacation going to cost you? Other than your airfare and the cost of the villa rental to consider, what else is there to think about for your Jamaica villa vacation? To prevent unwelcome surprises, think about your budget for when you are actually on the island. How much extra money will you need once you get there?

‘Til next time.

Think and dream Jamaica!

Sherry, Darrell & Darrian

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