Top 12 Reasons to Stay at Mais Oui Villa in Discovery Bay Jamaica

Here are the top 12 reasons to stay at Mais Oui Villa in Discovery Bay Jamaica. 1.  This villa was made for large groups … now almost 11,000 square feet of living space, 8 bedrooms with different

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TSA carry on rules: What is the TSA liquid limit

Do you know the TSA carry on rules? Don’t get nabbed by airport security. Check your carry-on! Check what you have in your carry on before you check in to save yourself the aggravation and embarrassment

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Things to Do in Falmouth: Jamaica Swamp Safari Village

Things to do in Falmouth: Jamaica Swamp Safari Village  – Trip Report We visited Jamaica Swamp Safari Village in Falmouth, Trelawny in March 2016. It was an easy 20 minute or so drive from the villa

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Caller ID or Phone Spoofing Can Happen to You

Have you ever even heard of caller ID or phone spoofing? If you have, we are sure you can commiserate with us. If you haven’t, read on.     Our phone has been ringing off the hook for

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My credit card was declined!

  A few years ago I was traveling across the United States on business. I flew from New York to Los Angeles to New Orleans in the space of about seven days. By the time I went to check in at the hotel

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Do You Have a Fear of Traveling? Tell Us Why.

Millions of people have a fear of traveling. Did you know that fear of traveling is called hodophobia? Yep. That is the official name for this fear. Terrorist events have fueled the fire. Who can forget

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Corporate Retreat in Jamaica: Rent a villa

Thinking of having a business or corporate retreat in Jamaica? Here is why your company should consider a Jamaica villa vacation rental. Many people often think of vacation rentals as little places where

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Jelly coconut – This is so Jamaican

Try a Jelly Coconut like a Local … This is so Jamaican When you go to Jamaica ask for a green coconut (called Jellies) in any market or fruit stand. The vendor will use a machete to cut off the top

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Travel Tips: Why you must wear socks when you fly

Travel Tips: Why you must wear socks when you fly   Back in 2007 when I first published this article, I couldn’t remember an occasion when I didn’t have to have my shoes screened. It was

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Tribute to Rubena (Ruby) Woodhouse, Villa Manager, 2000-2016

  We are honored to celebrate the life of Rubena Woodhouse, our villa manager, who passed away unexpectedly on July 2, 2016 after a brief illness. Ms. Ruby, as she was affectionately called by

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